VSHN Application Catalog

The VSHN Application Catalog provides a unified way to order services in self-service on any infrastructure (Cloud, IaaS, On Premise). The services are either provided by the Cloud provider or are based on a Kubernetes platform, either the cluster used by the application workload or if needed on a specific Kubernetes cluster.

It enables service management and provisioning in your GitOps (e.g. deploy a Service Custom Resource through Argo CD, together with the application deployment manifests), directly from within Kubernetes, no additional CSP control panel login or manual steps needed.

With the VSHN Application Catalog self-service managed services are available even if the infrastructure provider doesn’t provide any (e.g. on IaaS cloud providers or on-premises).

As a service provider, self-service managed services can be offered to Kubernetes (or other) users of the platform. This can enhance a current VM- or Kubernetes only offering with further managed services.

Services provided by VSHN through the Service Catalog by default include operations like monitoring, backup and support and can optionally request 24x7 support SLA.

The VSHN Application Catalog is a framework based on Crossplane.

Use Cases

These use cases describe a few scenarios where the VSHN Application Catalog helps:

I’m a Kubernetes user

And I want to declaratively specify my external service dependencies (like databases) independently of the service/cloud/infrastructure the application will be deployed on. This functionality is provided by the VSHN Application Catalog.

I’m an APPUiO Public user

A managed service like a database can be ordered directly from within the cluster with Kubernetes custom resources. Provisioning happens fully automated and VSHN takes care of the service ordered.

I’m an APPUiO Managed user

The managed service can be ordered directly from within the cluster with Kubernetes custom resources. There is no need to think about the exact offering needed, this is taken care of by the experts at VSHN, abstracting all the details needed to provision the best matching service.

I’m a Service Provider

As a service provider you want to offer self-service managed services like databases or caches (or many other services) to your users of your VM- or Kubernetes based offering. With the VSHN Application Catalog you can easily enhance your offering with these kind of services. VSHN brings all the needed software and processes to your infrastructure to enable self-service provisioning in your own infrastructure, tightly integrated into your offering.

I’m a VSHNeer

As a VSHNeer you’re implementing an environment for the application of the VSHN customer and want to focus on the customers application. The Application Catalog brings the "one-click" infrastructure ordering experience which allows focusing on the customer solution.

Common Features

All services include these features:

Feature Description

Self-Service Instance Provisioning and Configuration

Service instances are created fully automated in self-service. A service instance can be upgraded while the service is running with minimal disruption. Access to self-service provisioning is provided via Open Service Broker API, in-cluster Service Catalog or directly via Crossplane CRD Kubernetes configuration objects.

Best-Practice Configuration Management

Services are configured with best practices and the configuration is updated continuously as we learn improvements during day-2 operations and from the community. The best possible and known security configuration is applied, including support for encrypted connections.

Maintenance and Security Operations

Patch updates are applied as they get available. We monitor security information for services and apply zero-day patches or workaround configuration as they come available.

Data Protection and Recovery

All services offer a regular backup option. Restore of data from backup is possible in self-service, no need to contact support to restore a service.

Service Metrics

Performance metrics are collected regularly and are available as graphs to the user. The metrics are automatically monitored and acted upon irregularities, see Monitoring and Alerting below.

Monitoring and Alerting

Key metrics are monitored and alerted upon. Depending on the service level alerts are automatically handled by a VSHNeer.

Service Logging

All logs are collected and are available to debug service errors.

Support by VSHN or Vendor

Support for all services are available from VSHN support engineers. Depending on service and support SLA, additional support by the software vendor or a support third-party might be available.

Uptime Guarantees

We guarantee a service uptime.

VSHN Service Catalog

These services are provided by VSHN and contain default operations options like monitoring, backup and support.

Just specify the need, for example a managed MariaDB (compatible) database and the Application Catalog takes care of deploying the best matching service. On AWS that may be a pre-configured RDS instance, on a VM-based Cloud Provider that may be a MariaDB instance provisioned and configured on the cluster itself via Helm.

Any Kubernetes Amazon AWS Google Cloud Microsoft Azure

Object Storage

Managed Minio [1]

Amazon S3

Cloud Storage

Azure Blob Storage

MariaDB (Single Node) [1]
MariaDB Galera Cluster
PostgreSQL (Single Node) [1]
PostgreSQL Cluster [1]

Amazon RDS

Cloud SQL

Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Azure Cosmos DB

Document Databases

not available yet

Amazon DocumentDB

MongoDB Atlas

Azure Cosmos DB

Redis (Single Node) [1]
Redis Cluster

Amazon ElastiCache

Cloud Memorystore

Azure Cache for Redis

Search Indexes

not available yet

Amazon Elasticsearch Service

not available yet

Elastic on Azure

Notification and Pub/Sub

not available yet

Amazon Simple Notification Service


not available yet

Data Warehouse

not available yet

Amazon Redshift

not available yet

not available yet


Managed GitLab

Managed GitLab

Managed GitLab

Managed GitLab

This is a growing list of services, we’re working on expanding the offering.

Your desired service is not listed? Please contact sales@vshn.ch.

A more technical documentation is available under kb.vshn.ch/app-catalog.

1. Status: Planned.