Reselling Services

Object Storage

See Object Storage for more information about the service.

Cloud Service Provider Pricing

Storage: CHF 0.09 per GB
Traffic In: free of charge
Traffic Out: CHF 0.02 per GB
Requests: CHF 0.005 per 1'000 requests


Storage: CHF 0.01980 per GB
Traffic In: free of charge
Traffic Out: CHF 0.02000 per GB [1]
Requests: free of charge

  • All prices are per 30 days

  • These prices are subject to change, should the Cloud Service Provider adapt their pricing.


These notes apply to services resold by VSHN from a third-party cloud service provider.

Terms and Conditions

These services are provided as-is. Terms and conditions from the Cloud Providers apply:

Services Managed by VSHN

Services in the Managed by VSHN are priced per service instance. Compute is usually billed separately, depending on the infrastructure.

Pricing is pay-per-use (metered), you only pay for what you use. Service usage is counted per-minute.

PostgreSQL by VSHN

See PostgreSQL for more information about the service.

Architecture Service Level

Best Effort

Guaranteed Availability

Converged Standalone

CHF 0.00277778 per minute
CHF 120.00 per 30 days

CHF 0.00833334 per minute
CHF ~360.00 per 30 days

  • All prices are per instance

  • Excl. Compute resources

  • Validity: These prices are valid starting 2022-XX-XX until further notice.


These notes apply to services managed by VSHN.

Price for calculation

The price per minute is used for calculation, called Instance-minute.


Compute resources aren’t included in the price.

General Notes


The minute-by-minute costs are summed up by month, then rounded to two decimal places for invoicing.

Gigabytes vs. Gibibytes

Please see Unit Prefixes for a detailed description about the differences.
1 GiB (Gibibyte) equals 1024^3 bytes.


All prices are excl. VAT, currently 7.7% for Switzerland.

Days/Hours/Minutes Conversion

30 days are 720 hours or 43'200 minutes.


Duration is calculated from the time the service is created until the instance is terminated, rounded up to the nearest minute.

1. Currently not billed - free of charge