SQL Databases

SQL databases are available in different types, depending on the cloud the instance runs on and the engine chosen.

Common Features

In addition to the common features of the Application Catalog the following features are present in this service group:

  • Several database engines to choose from

  • TLS connections by default


Name Description Availability

MariaDB [1]

MariaDB Server is one of the most popular open source relational databases. It’s made by the original developers of MySQL and guaranteed to stay open source. It is built upon the values of performance, stability, and openness.

Any Kubernetes
Amazon AWS
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure


Any Kubernetes

The service is provisioned and configured using the Bitnami Helm Chart

  • Single Node: A single-node MariaDB service.

  • Galera Cluster: A cluster consisting of a 3 Galera node Pods and 2 HAProxy Pods to redirect, to route and to fail-over the database traffic to the Galera node Pods.

  • Version: We support version 10.5.x.

Offerings on other clouds are currently being implemented and defined.

1. See MariaDB website to get more information