APPUiO Managed Maturity Levels

Maturity levels describe what can be expected from the product. It is meant to transparently show the stage of development.

Level 0 - Experimental phase

In this level we started to experiment. We’ll figure out the architecture and are getting to know it. This level marks the beginning of the product development.

Level 1 - Usable product

An instance of the product can be instantiated, accessed and used.

For the Customer
  • The platform can be accessed

  • Applications can be deployed and are accessible

  • Login to the platform with VSHN account

  • Automatic Persistent Storage provisioning (at least ReadWriteOnce)

  • Platform is ready for production

  • Platform configuration is backed up and the backup process is monitored

For the VSHNeer
  • Installation instructions are documented

  • The platform architecture is documented and well-defined

  • Platform metrics for monitoring are getting collected

  • Alerts on key metrics for a production ready environment are being sent to the responsible team via OpsGenie

  • Initial alert documentation exists and initial tangible actions to handle alerts are are documented

  • Maintenance of the platform is defined and documented (although not automated more than the platform offers out of the box)

  • Platform parameters can be configured with Project Syn

  • Access to the platform for debugging purposes is available and documented

Level 2 - Scalable product

The product has matured and knowledge has been gained to scale it.

For the Customer
  • Delivery time for new clusters greatly improved

For the VSHNeer
  • An instance of the platform can be provisioned fully automated in an attended way

  • Alertrules can be tuned, adapted and overwritten

  • Day-2 operations documentation is filled with content learned from operating instances of the product

  • A standardized internal education on day-2 operations is prepared and given to at least two VSHNeers per solution team

  • Maintenance process is automated as much as possible

Level 3 - Lovable product

For the Customer
  • Platform can be instantiated in full self-service

  • Platform capacity management is in place

For the VSHNeer
  • All key metrics are alerted upon and are tuned according to the learnings

  • Platform maintenance is full automated and unattended