APPUiO Managed Rancher K3s

APPUiO Managed Rancher K3s from SUSE is our product to run a lightweight Kubernetes in virtual machines on almost any infrastructure which provides virtual machines.

You can also use the Rancher Management Server to manage Cloud Service Provider managed Kubernetes services, see Cloud Kubernetes.

Infrastructure Provider Availability

On Request


On Request

Your desired infrastructure is not listed? Please contact

Use Cases

Low-Requirement Production Hosting

Hosting of applications with low requirements on availability and scalability. Perfect for applications which are today hosted on a single server (all-in-one) and would want to make use of the possibilities of Kubernetes (e.g. GitOps).

Edge or On-Premise Hosting

Hosting of application on the edge or in an On-Premise location with low requirements or low infrastructure and resource availability (e.g. impossible to run a full-fledged Kubernetes cluster).

CI/CD Environment

Running build and testing pipelines in an always-on Kubernetes cluster with the ability to scale available compute resources to a certain degree. Also a good use case to run GitLab CI runners.

Education and Demo Environments

Kubernetes environments for education and demo purposes.

VSHN Supported Features and Configuration

Supported by default

These features and configurations are available out-of-the box and installed and configured by default.

Feature / Configuration Description

Kubernetes with K3s

K3s is used as the Kubernetes distribution

Ubuntu LTS as Operating System

The underlying Operating System is Ubuntu LTS

Persistent Storage

Persistent storage is available only locally by default

Single Node

This setup is by default single-node only, everything runs on the same machine (Control-Plane and User Workload)

Access via Rancher

Access to the K3s cluster is available via VSHN Shared Rancher or a dedicated Rancher Management Server

Supported on request

These features or configuration adjustments must be specifically requested and some restrictions apply. Activation and configuration of these features imply additional engineering costs and can cause additional engineering costs for operating them (allthough no fixed additional recurring costs apply).

Feature / Configuration Description

Additional Worker Nodes

Up to 5 additional worker nodes can be added for running user workload to gain more compute power. For more worker nodes a full Rancher Kubernetes setup is needed.

This doesn’t mean the setup gets highly-available. This is solely to add more compute power.

Storage integration via CSI

If the underlying infrastructure supports CSI storage this can be added to the cluster.

Commercial Rancher Support

Commercial Rancher Support can be added on request and causes additional fees.


These features or configuration adjustments are not supported by VSHN, but can still be activated or changed, allthough are neither monitored, backed up nor maintained. No guarantees are given, use them at your own risk.

Feature / Configuration Description

High-Availability (Control-Plane, Ingress)

There is only one Control-Plane instance running and the Ingress controller is not highly-available as well.

Therefore only Service Level Standard is available.

For a High-Available setup a full Rancher Kubernetes setup is needed


No audit logs are available

Central Logging

Central logging of container logs is not possible

Still interested in one (or more) of these unsupported options? Get in contact with and we figure out together what we can offer.

Version and Upgrade Policy

Supported is only the latest available k3s and Ubuntu LTS release. Installations must be upgraded to the next minor release within three months after a new release is available, or the latest when the next minor release is available.

The official Rancher Support Matrix applies.


The price model is described here: Price Model.


  • No differentiation is made between infrastructure providers, all have the same price.

  • Only Service Level Standard is available in this offering.

For VCSP "Hyper Scaler" and "IaaS Cloud Provider" setup is free, setup for "On Premise" is billed by the hour.

All prices are without compute resources and without commercial Rancher support.

Minimum Requirements

These are the minimum requirements to the virtual machine:

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 4 vCPUs

  • 50 GB SSD Disk

  • Possibility to deploy Ubuntu