Service Levels

Zero [1] Standard Professional Premium [2]

Availability Guarantee


99.0% / mth

99.5% / mth

99.9% / mth

Included SLA [3]






  • Customer’s responsibility

  • Unattended

  • Fixed maintenance window

  • Unattended maintenance

  • Fixed maintenance window

  • Unattended but monitored maintenance

  • Flexible maintenance window

  • Attended and monitored maintenance

An availability is guaranteed on the VSHN services only, notably the following is excluded:

  • Underlying infrastructure and network.

  • For a complete list see SLA. To have an overall availability guarantee, the customer (directly or via VSHN) must have a matching SLA option with the IaaS provider and other relevant systems that impose a risk on availability.

1. This service level is only available to customers having more than a handful of clusters managed by VSHN. These clusters are meant to be used as test-bed and lab to test cluster level functionality for both parties. No end-user access is allowed to such a cluster.
2. At least one test cluster on the same infrastructure is required to have the possibility to test changes before doing them on the production systems.
3. Applies to the current instance of the product. Other services of the same customer are not automatically covered and might require a customer wide SLA.