APPUiO Cloud has a pay-per-use (metered) price model. This means, you only pay for what you use.


Cloud Provider Per GiB RAM per minute Per GiB RAM per 30 days

CHF 0.001273 [1]

CHF 54.993600 [2]


CHF 0.000926 [3]

CHF 40.003200 [4]

  • Measurement is memory (RAM) usage in MiB (Mebibytes) per Pod, usage over one minute (mean).

  • Minimum 128 MiB for 1 minute, then in 1 MiB steps.

  • If the usage is smaller than the resource requests, the requests are counted.

Persistent Storage (PVC)

Zone Storage Type Per GiB per minute Per GiB per 30 days

RWO (SSD) [5]

CHF 0.000009

CHF 0.390000

RWO (Bulk) [5]

CHF 0.000002

CHF 0.097500

RWX [6]

CHF 0.000071

CHF 3.047200


RWO [6]

CHF 0.000081

CHF 3.502206

RWX [6]

CHF 0.000126

CHF 5.463441

  • Measurement is the size of PVC in GiB (Gibibytes).

  • Measured in 1 GiB steps, rounded up to the next increment.

  • Storage Types (Access Modes):

    • RWO (ReadWriteOnce): The volume can be mounted as read-write by a single node only, usually by a single pod.

    • RWX (ReadWriteMany): The volume can be mounted as read-only by many nodes and pods.

  • Storage based on Rook/Ceph uses the APPUiO Managed Storage Cluster product.


Price for calculation

The price per minute is used for calculation.


The minute-by-minute costs are summed up by month, then rounded to two decimal places for invoicing.

Gigabytes vs. Gibibytes

Please see Unit Prefixes for a detailed description about the differences.
1 GiB (Gibibyte) equals 1024^3 bytes.


These prices are valid starting 2021-12-01 until further notice.


All prices are excl. VAT, currently 7.7% for Switzerland.

Days/Hours/Minutes Conversion

30 days are 720 hours or 43'200 minutes.


Duration is calculated from the time the Pod is created until the Pod is terminated, rounded up to the nearest minute.

CPU Usage

Usage of vCPU resources is included in the price. A fair-use policy applies.

1. Per MiB RAM per minute CHF 0.0000012432
2. Per MiB RAM per 30 days CHF 0.0537050000
3. Per MiB RAM per minute CHF 0.0000009043
4. Per MiB RAM per 30 days CHF 0.0390660000
5. Based on Kubernetes CSI
6. Based on Rook/Ceph